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Cloud Hosting

You probably have heard the term “cloud” pretty frequently lately. We want to help take some of the mystery out of it, and talk about how you can use it for your business.


As a consumer, you already probably use cloud services every day now. From Netflix, to Pinterest, the cloud delivers stuff we use every day.


As a business however, leveraging the cloud becomes more complicated. There are many “cloud services” geared towards businesses, but many of the most popular services are geared for consumers, and don’t work well for business. We can help you navigate the complex, sprawling landscape of “the cloud.”


Making Your Cloud

So where does the cloud come from? Well, big providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other huge “cloud” providers are usually who hosts cloud based services.


While it is true that the term “cloud” can extend to just about any datacenter of any size, including your office itself, we like to think of “the cloud” as being driven by big cloud providers that offer cloud based server services to the public. Businesses can purchase these cloud based service resources, and build applications on top of them. This is how “cloud services” are born.


The awesome thing about cloud server providers like Amazon Web Services EC2 is that you have resources that scale.


In the past, when you bought physical servers, you buy a server of a certain size. It has a fixed amount of processing power, memory, hard disk space, and fixed capabilities. Now when you use it, you may only be using a tiny fraction of it’s entire power. As your needs grow, you come to a “ceiling” on your server where you must buy more servers to get beyond. Doing so however means that you waste resources if your needs decrease.


Because of the nature of business, we sometimes need more, and sometimes need less.


Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to pay for the resources you consume, and if you can scale those resources upwards, or downwards without much worry?


With the cloud, this is possible. No need to order servers when your needs increase, and wait for weeks. Now with a few clicks of a button, in a few minutes, you can have twice, triple, even hundreds of times the capacity you had before, and with a few clicks of a button, the same can be scaled back down to efficient levels!


We have successfully scaled customers servers as their needs change. We are experts at Amazon Web Services. The public cloud is very complex to use, and our specialized server management, and years of training and using AWS give us a tremendous advantage. By leveraging us, you gain access to our experience and knowledge. Let us be your cloud experts.

Once you are running your infrastructure in the cloud, you can build your applications out much more efficiently. Don’t spend tens of thousands up front on servers to do R&D with, simply subscribe to a server and get started building your application. Scale your server as you need. This is the way that you use the cloud to build applications and deliver services.