Web, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Plans

Everything you need to run your business on top of in the modern age

Managed Wordpress Hosting

Technical support for Wordpress Core, and supported plugins. Patching and Updating. Website Security and backups. Wordpress hacking cleanup.

Basic Cloud Server Provisioning

Get a Microsoft or Linux server provisioned in the cloud. We will deploy a new cloud server on the cloud provider of your choice. Service usage fees from your cloud provider are not included.

Cloud VPN Provisioning

Set up a dedicated VPN link between a site and the cloud. Each site you want to provision this VPN to will need to be set up. Provides direct access to provisioned Cloud Servers. Setup includes cloud configuration side only.

Office 365 Provisioning

Per user, Office 365 setup. Includes configuring core settings, pointing domain name, and adding users and installing Office software product on remote computers.

Office 365 Email Migration

Per user, migration of e-mail from existing service, to Office 365. We support migrations from existing Exchange servers, standard POP/IMAP, Google Apps, and virtually any pre-existing e-mail hosting scenario.

File Server Migration to Sharepoint 365

We will copy the files from your file server and import them into your existing Sharepoint 365 account. Priced per gigabyte of data migrated.