Network Defense

Your Blue Team

Node Sentry Device

Our customized managed drop box provides us a "hackers point of view" behind the corporate firewall, and deploys our war chest of tools to the site for testing and mitigating threats. Performs regular vulnerability scanning and information gathering.

External Vulnerability Scan

Priced per IP, billed quartlery. We will conduct a vulnerability scan against the IP with OpenVas. We must get permission from the provider of the public IP which may require verification forms to be submitted. Includes personalized review with an expert.

Wordpress Vulnerability Scan

Have your existing wordpress site hand assessed for vulnerabilities by an professional. We will perform a wordpress-specific scan to determine possible vulnerabilities, then validate them. Includes personalized review with an expert.

End User Phishing

Priced per user. Provide users training on how to recognize cyber security threats, and avoid common pitfalls online. Have your users tested by our team with phishing messages intended to assess the culpability of your users after training.